Health and Wellness

It seems like everybody is in the health and wellness industry these days. So how are you going to stay ahead of the competition? You need a strong online presence with some powerful SEO. The Advent Trinity marketing team creates a personalized digital marketing plan to help your business stand out from the rest.

Because the health and wellness industry is so broad, your marketing plan needs to be specific to your business and your brand. What works for a yoga studio or gym may not work for a nutritionist or doctor’s office. Each of these individual companies also have very different target audiences. Your business may be solely online or may have a brick and mortar storefront. These variances require a different approach to digital marketing.

Businesses in the health and wellness industry we cater to: Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor/Studio, Personal Trainer, Gym, Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach, Life Coach, Personal Chef, Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Physician, Traveling Nurse, Spas and Retreats, Health Food/Supplement Products, Clinic, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Mental Health Therapist/Counselor, and Others.


A website is fundamental to marketing your services in the health and wellness arena. Having a website will help your business showcase your services. Here, you can really amp up your brand with tutorial and product demonstration videos, informative blogs, and so much more.

A great health and wellness website design is not just eye-catching, it’s effective as well. Some website designers focus strictly on the visual aspects, others simply focus on creating a simple and useful website that is straight to the point. An effective website for your industry blends both the visual aspects and usefulness into one design.

The perfect health and wellness website design allows customers to find information like products/services, resources, hours of operation, and contact information easily without too much distraction. A well-designed website can help your business increase brand awareness and attract more quality leads.

Lead generation may be something you need to focus on for your specific business. When it comes to generating leads online, you want your forms to attract prospects and make them want to give you their contact information making it easy for you to stay infront of them with email campaigns.

By providing tools and resources (like appointment schedulers, product demonstrations, FAQs, etc.) to your client’s and prospects, you can be sure they will engage with your site content and find that your business is valuable to them. Trust us, they’ll come back for more.

In the health and wellness industry, the key is social validation. By adding quality reviews to your website, prospects can see what others are saying about your brand and entice them to do business with you also. No matter your target audience, they want to know how others have used your product/service and what value it brought to them.

We provide rich analytics reports for your website where you’ll get valuable information about how visitors reach your website, keywords used in searches, pages visited, and what content drives the most traffic.

A website for your business should reflect your personality and brand message, be visually appealing, and have informative content all while being user-friendly.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making sure that search engines (and other automated devices) can keep your most valuable information (phone number, hours of operation, location, listings, etc.) up to date.

Your clients are doing their research online to help them decide who they should do business with. They’re looking at reviews, who shares your content, and who has the best resources.

By making sure your business listings are current, you can boost your SEO. A health and wellness blog can also be helpful when establishing your online presence as search engines will constantly be crawling your site looking for new information that may be helpful to a potential customer.

Local SEO can be a game changer for your business. With people searching for local health and wellness resources, you have to optimize this area.

Traffic to blog posts can come from search engines (SEO), social media (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), and links from other websites. So when you sign up for an all-inclusive marketing package, we can make sure your blogs and your website are promoted across all platforms.

Content marketing is the hallmark of a responsive health and wellness website. A mobile-optimized, highly responsive website with no valuable content is a total waste. Content marketing is a critical part of SEO and the best way to have your website indexed. Website content helps you build credibility, reputation, and connect with the audience.

Having a blog can establish you as the go-to wellness expert in your local niche while building customer loyalty while increasing engagement and client retention. The more your customer can get to know about you behind the scenes via your blog, the stronger the connection they will have to your brand.

Many people in your field know the benefits of blogging and constantly updating other content on their website, but it’s difficult to maintain the consistency needed to be found on SERPs. There is research, writing, formatting, and scheduling that all go into maintaining a blog. Outsourcing may be your best option.

Advent Trinity will make sure your website content is of good quality and authentic. We do all the research for you to include keywords, making sure that your site is quick and user-friendly and can be found where your customers are looking. Your website content must solve a problem and answer a question.

Social Media

Social media has affected the way we interact with one another as people and businesses. This is true for the health and wellness industry as well. That is why having a social media presence is no longer an option – it’s a necessity.

Social media marketing not only allows you to demonstrate your knowledge, but the effectiveness of your products or services. Social media is about building your community and sharing useful information, tips, resources, links, as well as answering questions and letting your readers get to know your business. If a prospect can see that you have helped people like them solve similar problems previously, then they grow to trust your products and services.

Advent Trinity begins with detailed market research to determine which social media platform your target audience is actively using and then create content based on that research. People don’t want to be sold to all the time, so we get creative and have fun with your content.

By consistently producing content, your audience will look forward to what you have to offer. You could also share photos or videos of customers using your products or services that further provide social proof.

According to recent studies, 90% of business owners say that social media has increased their business exposure, and 66% of marketers who spend more than 6 hours on social media per week see more leads.

People and businesses use Facebook Messenger to send 20 billion messages per month, and 300,000 Messenger bots are active on the platform, according to Social Media Today. A bot can answer questions 24/7 and can significantly reduce your workload, all from your social platforms.

With the amount of metrics Advent Trinity can report on each of your social media channels, we will know what type of content is working and what we need to change.

AD Campaigns

Our job as a digital marketing agency is to deliver timely and engaging campaigns that help grow your customer base and increase your ROI. Creating and delivering engaging content, maintaining customer communications, establishing an online presence, reviewing data-driven analytics, setting up paid advertising initiatives – it’s a lot of work.

However, having a strategic and effective digital marketing plan in place allows you to target specific markets that will bring you more leads.

Advent Trinity provides data-driven insights and marketing metrics that deliver meaningful results. And if something's not working, we can pull it and try something else. Online advertising allows you to be fluid and adaptive in your marketing.

Brand recognition and awareness are everything in the world of marketing. Advertising online helps you generate better brand recognition. The more people who see your brand on social media, side-bar ads, email campaigns, etc., the more you will become implanted in their minds.

Because of online advertising's cost-effective, adaptable, and versatile nature, it can be done on a large scale and for long periods, or in short stints (i.e. you have a limited-time offer).

Pay-per-click advertising, also called PPC, is a digital marketing strategy popularly integrated by professional business owners. These ads are used to directly target potential leads who are searching online for something specific.

The main benefit of a PPC ad is that you’re not going to get charged until someone clicks on them. According to research, marketers average over 2.47% conversion rate with Adword.

Logo Design & Branding

Your branding is what’s going to set you apart from the thousands of others that are in the same market as you. By getting to know your business at its core, Advent Trinity can help you with brand messaging, making sure you keep consistent with your story and how you want to be perceived.

Your brand needs to tell a story of who you are as an agency and the culture you want to cultivate. You must have your buyer personas fleshed out, a mission and vision statement, as well as your company’s core values. Once you have that in place, then you can create your logo.

It’s hard to develop a logo without having a clear idea of your branding. It’s much more than choosing colors and font, although those things are important as well.

Logos are the most recognizable marketing tool, which makes this element of your branding strategy crucial for creating a base of loyal clients. Not only does your logo determine the initial impression on new visitors, but it also provides an image for loyal clients and transfers the message of your business.

Good logos make clients think about an idea that underlies your brand. They can form an opinion before they’ve even talked to you. Logos should reflect your business's personality, be eye-catching, and tell a story.

Other Marketing Techniques

Email Marketing

Emails are one of the most converting digital marketing strategies in the world of wellness for a couple of reasons. First, email marketing is known for its high ROI. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42. Second, email marketing is wildly underutilized by businesses, with only 26% regularly using email marketing for sales.

Email campaigns allow you to connect, engage, and compel with your new leads while keeping existing customers interested in your service. According to a recent report, 86% of consumers would prefer to receive emails.

Advent Trinity can set your wellness business up with a way to capture customers’ information, set up a CRM (customer relations management system), and stay infront of them with valuable information. By sending emails, you stay top-of-mind with your current and past clients and professional connections and it’s easy to get more leads and direct traffic to your listings.

Analytics can help you see which types of emails, subject lines, and body copy are most effective. You can use what you learn from your email analytics to guide your future email marketing strategy.

Reputation Management

Regularly monitoring your reviews gives you a better understanding of what clients think after they use your services. You can then use this information to improve your operations.

Want your business to rank higher on Google search results pages? Start by asking for reviews on your business profiles.

Having a local listing management plan not only ensures that your online business listings are attracting clients; it’s also informing them of any operational changes within your company and portraying the image you want to reflect.