Manufacturers -- They're not typically thought of as a digitally-focused industry, however, manufacturing companies that use digital marketing have a leg up against their competition. Creating an effective marketing plan for a manufacturing company can be difficult, but if you have a marketing team like Advent Trinity to help, you can be successful with your digital marketing efforts.

Nearly 50% of organizations today (including manufacturing businesses) do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy. The greater your online presence, the easier it will be for new prospective customers to find your manufacturing business. Customers use the internet to find answers to their problems, and you want to be the brand that consistently provides them with the information they need from Fabricated Metal, Machinery, Transportation, Textiles, Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Plastics, and Miscellaneous Manufacturing.


With new companies with innovative solutions emerging in a once-exclusive market, manufacturers can no longer rely on the handful of long-term, high-value clients they’ve had. Your site is an extension of your brand, so it’s important to take your prospects’ needs into account. You will create greater efficiency and more sales by designing a site that educates and persuades your target audience.

A great manufacturer website design is not just eye-catching, it’s effective as well. Some website designers focus strictly on the visual aspects while others simply focus on creating a simple and useful website that is straight to the point. An effective website for industrial manufacturers blends both the visual aspects and usefulness into one design.

The perfect website design for manufacturers allows customers to find information like your location, hours of operation, and contact info easily without too much distraction. But your website should also give the customer a sense of what your company is about and the quality of products you produce.

We start by putting your specialties in the foreground and sharing information about what makes your products and your process different from your competitors. Many manufacturers have been in business for decades, so it’s crucial that we let your clients know that you are a long-standing business. Adding testimonials give social proof that your company is reliable and trustworthy. Prospective customers are looking for a partner they can trust, but they’re not only looking at your website. They’re also checking out your competitors’ websites. If your web presence appears outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete in comparison, then they’re likely to not choose your company to work with.

Having a well-designed website gives your manufacturing business a greater opportunity to convert leads. Including forms and chatbots are a great way to do this.

Incorporating SEO elements and showcasing products and services with an effective breakdown of pages, make it easy for potential customers to find and work with your manufacturing company.

Your website is also a great place to let customers know if you’ve recently added new equipment, completed an innovative project, or added a new service. Advent Trinity can add a photo gallery to showcase these elements. As your business grows, your website should grow through new content, imagery, and video.

It is important to have a mobile responsive website with a fast loading speed and a clean layout as most people browse the internet on their smartphones.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making sure that search engines (and other automated devices) are able to keep your most valuable information (phone number, hours of operation, location, etc.) up to date while presenting the best data to your potential customers.

By making sure your listings are current, you can boost your SEO. Google My Business is a key tool for a manufacturer’s SEO. A strong GMB listing creates authority signals for your website’s organic visibility whether you serve clients locally or on a global scale.

A blog or RSS feed (a feed of articles from other sources) from industry news leaders can also be helpful when establishing your online presence as search engines will constantly be crawling your site looking for new information that may be helpful to a potential customer. With effective blog content, you establish your company as a thought leader and build a reputation that customers trust.

Traffic to blog posts can come from search engines (SEO), social media (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), and links from other websites. So when you sign up for an all-inclusive marketing package, we can make sure your blogs and your website are promoted across all platforms.

Social Media

Social media helps your manufacturing company build a brand identity and spread awareness of your brand. It’s also validation that you are keeping up with the times and are an innovative company.

While Facebook remains popular for most businesses, industrial manufacturing companies are primarily B2B companies and benefit primarily from LinkedIn. Approximately 80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn.

When it comes to lead generation, a key metric for industrial companies, LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Twitter and Facebook.

Having a social media presence allows you to connect with potential customers on a level they are comfortable and familiar with. Including chatbots in the platform’s messaging platform can help you convert leads.

Social media is a great way to display your company culture and share the projects you are working on.

AD Campaigns

Creating and delivering engaging content, maintaining customer communications, establishing an online presence, reviewing data-driven analytics, setting up paid advertising initiatives – it’s a lot of work.

However, having a strategic and effective digital marketing plan in place allows your manufacturing company to attract new customers and retain the ones you already have. Our job as a digital marketing agency is to deliver timely and engaging campaigns that help grow your customer base and increase your profits.

We provide data-driven insights and marketing metrics that deliver meaningful results. And if something's not working, we can pull it and try something else. Online advertising allows you to be fluid and adaptive in your marketing.

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is one of the most common types of advertising in the digital marketplace. It works incredibly well for industrial manufacturers, provided the campaigns are carefully optimized and keywords well-chosen.

Like SEO, PPC creates high-quality traffic because it has commercial intent. Meaning when a potential customer is looking to either buy or learn more about a product or service, they go to search engines using keywords. These ads run on search engines and you only pay when your potential customers click on them.

For industrial manufacturing, PPC ads are used to generate inquiries for the products and services you offer.

Brand recognition and awareness are everything in the world of marketing. Advertising online helps you generate better brand recognition. The more people who see your brand on social media, side-bar ads, email campaigns, etc., the more you will become implanted in their minds.

Because of online advertising's cost-effective, adaptable, and versatile nature, it can be done on a large scale and for long periods of time, or in short stints (i.e. you have a limited-time offer).


Powerful visuals that showcase products posted on social media and directly on the company’s website can increase sales. Businesses want to see what they are getting before they work with you. It can also expand your audience on social media as videos generate up to 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. Video marketing is the fastest-growing content these days and manufacturers need to jump on board.

Video marketing can also assist with your brand strategy. Use videos to:

  • Showcase products you’ve made for other clients
  • Highlight innovative products
  • Show behind-the-scenes of your plant or warehouse to give your brand personality
  • Create effective content for social media and advertising
Logo Design and Branding

Maybe your current logo and branding are outdated and needs a refresher or you need to completely rebrand the company.

It’s hard to develop a logo without having a clear idea of your branding. It’s much more than choosing colors and font, although those things are important as well.

Your brand needs to tell a story of who you are as a manufacturer and the culture you want to cultivate. You must have your buyer personas fleshed out, a mission and vision statement, as well as your company’s core values. Once you have that in place, then you can create your logo.

Logos are the most recognizable marketing tool, which makes this element of your branding strategy crucial for creating a base of loyal customers. Not only does your logo determine the initial impression on new visitors, but it also provides an image for loyal customers and transfers the message of your company.

Good logos make prospects think about an idea that underlies your brand. Branding should reflect your business's personality, be eye-catching, and tell a story.

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