Advertising Campaigns

Streaming Advertising

These streaming platforms allow for engaging video content:


Offers a broad demographic reach, powerful targeting options, and various ad formats. However, creating engaging video content can be resource-intensive.


Targets cord-cutting audiences who have moved away from traditional TV. It might not be as effective for global audiences as its content is primarily US-based.


With a strong focus on Hispanic audiences, Vix is perfect for advertisers targeting this demographic. However, its niche focus might not be suitable for all advertisers.

Measuring the Impact of Your Digital Streaming Ad

Two key indicators, Click-Through Rate (CTR) and Cost per Acquisition (CPA), guide your streaming campaign, each measuring different facets:

CTR is the proportion of viewers who interact with your ad compared to the total number of viewers (impressions). A cornerstone of measuring ad performance, CTR evaluates how well your ad hooks the viewer's attention and provokes them to act. Represented as a percentage, a heightened CTR signifies that your ad is striking a chord with the audience, spurring them to delve deeper. However, remember, a high CTR doesn't always correlate with the effectiveness in realizing your overarching goals, like securing a purchase or enticing a service sign-up.

CPA, on the other hand, gauges the average cost required to gain a customer via your streaming ad campaign. Essentially, it calculates the expenditure for each conversion – the specific action you want viewers to execute. Whether it's making a purchase, filling a form, or subscribing to a service, depending on your campaign aim, CPA provides a compass to your return on investment (ROI). A lower CPA hints at a more cost-efficient campaign.

In a nutshell, CTR and CPA focus on different aspects of your campaign - CTR reflects the number of viewers intrigued to interact with your ad, while CPA zeroes in on the number of those interactions that culminate in fruitful conversions. Both metrics are instrumental for comprehending your campaign's success, but they provide different angles of insight. A high CTR suggests an engaging ad, but if your CPA is also high, it indicates those interactions aren't converting at a cost-effective rate.

Depending on your goals, there are a wide range of metrics you can use to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, especially for streaming platforms. Here are a few more:

Video Completion Rate (VCR)

This metric applies to video-based platforms such as YouTube or Hulu. It measures the percentage of viewers who watch your video ad from start to finish. A higher VCR indicates that viewers find your ad engaging and compelling enough to watch until the end.

Brand Lift

This calculates the direct impact of an ad on consumer awareness and perception of a brand, product, or service. It's typically gauged through surveys or studies to understand how much an ad campaign improves a consumer's favorability towards the brand or their likelihood to purchase.
Remember, the best metrics to use will depend heavily on your unique campaign goals and target audience. Different campaigns and platforms might call for a different mix of metrics to gauge success.

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